Thursday, 3 July 2014

A Wee Bit of Thrifting... (and preparation for Wardrobe Refashion).

A Wee Bit of Thrifting... (and preparation for Wardrobe Refashion).

Well the other day I was having a self pity moment after seeing all the wonderful trims that crafty bloggers are finding! Seems like they just turn around and *poof* 'Oh, a vintage trim just fell out of the sky into my hands' *poof* Oh! Another one! :) hehe. But I do love looking at everyone's shopping finds, I just got jealous is all :P

ANY-WHO, I think the deity of vintage trims was looking out for me today as while rummagine through bags of yarn at the thrift store I found these two BALLS of trim (that's right, BALLS...mucho trim)! Oh yeah, I've joined the trim club! :)) The one in the second pic just blew me away, look at those colours!

Then I got to the point of my outing, which was to find some white and cream natural yarn so that I can play with the Kool-Aid that Beth sent me! (Beth #1, knitted animal Beth, lol). So I ended up finding this stuff, 5 balls of cream/beige and yellowy 'something', the texture is so pretty! I hope it's natural, it's not like op-shop yarn comes with labels, but here's hoping! :)

This stuff DID come with a label, 100% wool, not as lovely as the first one but beggars can't be choosers ;) I can't WAIT to do some dying.

So then, in honour of doing the Wardrobe Refashion challenge (in spirit remember :P) I went to buy supplies. NOT what you think, I can hear you going 'Meshell...err, isn't the point of this thing to NOT buy anything else?', yes, yes it is. BUT, I want to make some skirts right, so I of course needed to go and buy some footless tights (three pairs) to wear underneath them, DUH :P It's winter, and, AND, underwear, shoes, socks etc. etc. are EXCEMPT! Check the rules if you don't believe me! Neh, neh :P So I also bought new shoes too, LOL.

But I am so proud of myself because I went shopping and I didn't buy ANY clothes :P I can't wait to have a play with all the old crappy stuff I have laying around here.


Beth's package from moi...

Here's what I sent ebeth (her lovely package is in the previous post). A knitting bag from her wishlist, although I was too scared to try circular cutout handles so I did rectangles instead :P The outside is a nice textured upholstery fabric and it's lined with cotton, and then there's a strip of pretty across the front and back. It's quite biig and has a square base.

A Coptic stiched journal (one of two) which was also somewhere in her wishlist (we did the stalker thing :P) with a fabric cover. She likes mixed paper journals as I found out through some stalking of my own so each of these has a mixture of bright and pastel colours and white.

The paper in the little journal...

Here's the bigger joural, also coptic stiched with a fabric cover and mixed paper...

And again.

And then there was a cushion with satiny retroish fabric on the front and cream cotton on the back, and Australian lollies. I sent her a link to an online Aussie store so that she could pick out what she wanted to try, and here they are! Very good choices :P

And then three zipper pouches of varying sized and a pincushion (which I forgot to get a closeup of, whoops!).

I'm so glad you enjoyed your package chicken! I loved mine and we had a wonderful time swapping and chatting during the process :)

A package from the lovely ebeth... :)