Thursday, 3 July 2014

A Wee Bit of Thrifting... (and preparation for Wardrobe Refashion).

A Wee Bit of Thrifting... (and preparation for Wardrobe Refashion).

Well the other day I was having a self pity moment after seeing all the wonderful trims that crafty bloggers are finding! Seems like they just turn around and *poof* 'Oh, a vintage trim just fell out of the sky into my hands' *poof* Oh! Another one! :) hehe. But I do love looking at everyone's shopping finds, I just got jealous is all :P

ANY-WHO, I think the deity of vintage trims was looking out for me today as while rummagine through bags of yarn at the thrift store I found these two BALLS of trim (that's right, BALLS...mucho trim)! Oh yeah, I've joined the trim club! :)) The one in the second pic just blew me away, look at those colours!

Then I got to the point of my outing, which was to find some white and cream natural yarn so that I can play with the Kool-Aid that Beth sent me! (Beth #1, knitted animal Beth, lol). So I ended up finding this stuff, 5 balls of cream/beige and yellowy 'something', the texture is so pretty! I hope it's natural, it's not like op-shop yarn comes with labels, but here's hoping! :)

This stuff DID come with a label, 100% wool, not as lovely as the first one but beggars can't be choosers ;) I can't WAIT to do some dying.

So then, in honour of doing the Wardrobe Refashion challenge (in spirit remember :P) I went to buy supplies. NOT what you think, I can hear you going 'Meshell...err, isn't the point of this thing to NOT buy anything else?', yes, yes it is. BUT, I want to make some skirts right, so I of course needed to go and buy some footless tights (three pairs) to wear underneath them, DUH :P It's winter, and, AND, underwear, shoes, socks etc. etc. are EXCEMPT! Check the rules if you don't believe me! Neh, neh :P So I also bought new shoes too, LOL.

But I am so proud of myself because I went shopping and I didn't buy ANY clothes :P I can't wait to have a play with all the old crappy stuff I have laying around here.


Beth's package from moi...

Here's what I sent ebeth (her lovely package is in the previous post). A knitting bag from her wishlist, although I was too scared to try circular cutout handles so I did rectangles instead :P The outside is a nice textured upholstery fabric and it's lined with cotton, and then there's a strip of pretty across the front and back. It's quite biig and has a square base.

A Coptic stiched journal (one of two) which was also somewhere in her wishlist (we did the stalker thing :P) with a fabric cover. She likes mixed paper journals as I found out through some stalking of my own so each of these has a mixture of bright and pastel colours and white.

The paper in the little journal...

Here's the bigger joural, also coptic stiched with a fabric cover and mixed paper...

And again.

And then there was a cushion with satiny retroish fabric on the front and cream cotton on the back, and Australian lollies. I sent her a link to an online Aussie store so that she could pick out what she wanted to try, and here they are! Very good choices :P

And then three zipper pouches of varying sized and a pincushion (which I forgot to get a closeup of, whoops!).

I'm so glad you enjoyed your package chicken! I loved mine and we had a wonderful time swapping and chatting during the process :)

A package from the lovely ebeth... :)

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Mail love of the knitted variety!

Mail love of the knitted variety!

So you know how I am on a swap ban? WELL, I have two swaps still going that were both organised around Xmas time that are totally tiding me over! I like the way I think, love getting around those self-set rules. =P
So anyway, one of these swaps just came to an end...and this beautiful package of knitted goodness arrived from the lovely catpants and took my breath away! We pretty much did a stalking-esque knitted goods for sewn goods swap, with other bits and bobs thrown in. I only just sent my package (almost two weeks late, eep, naughty) but hopefully it will get there soon because of lovely Express international.So Ms C did a GREAT job on my Wists! She made me a one skein wonder , woohoo! And you'll also notice that this package consists of the most lovely dusty greyish blues which I described and she TOTALLY read my mind in the colour department with her beautiful yarn choices...
ANYHOO, do you know how hard it is to take a photograph of your own back!? Sheesh. So shoulder action shots will have to do. I absolutely adore it.
And THEN...another shrug! I am such a shrug freak, this one is from my wists too! And on Craftster. I am so, so, so lucky...this one is also such a gorgeous blue/grey, and the yarn is so soft. It closes with a cute button brooch! I am totally wearing this when I'm on the desk shift in the library, very quirky librarian-esque no?
Please ignore the crazy pineapple hair...I've had to go curly for the past few weeks as I have massive blonde regrowth and no money, waves seem to stop people staring at the top of my head while they talk to me.
Manon: Do you like my horns? Oh, I cat ears? *cough*
Manon was totally spoiled too! She got the most adorable kitty hat, ALSO from my Blythe version! (how on earth? You knitters amaze me) She also got a shrug of her own, ha! And a gorgeous scarf. She is very pleased, she also now loves catpants better than she loves me because one lazy person hasn't made her any clothes yet =P
Now excuse the crappy picture of the LOVELY slippers! The only place light enough to take pics at the moment is on the washing machine, so here is me perched on top of said washing machine trying to a) Not break it. b) Not fall off and c) Take rocking piccy of slippers! They are SO soft and squishy, love this yarn to bits! These are also from my Wists!
And then, a fan-freaking-tastic pink and white cotton grocery bag, I am in LOVE with this. I have wanted one for so long and Ms smarty pants stalker didn't even know! =P
And then probably the most stunning pieces of jewellery ever, this gorgeous cluster ring (I love cluster rings!), which is my first, it is so beautiful and tres comfy. And these absolutely smashing earrings with gorgeous little hummingbirds, chain and beautiful beads...never taking these off!
And wonderful studs encompassing the love of red and buttons! And the most GORGEOUS, gorgeous napkin holders from knitted wire and beads, aren't they divine!? I could stare at these all day.
Thank you so much Ms catpants for being a super duper wonderful swap partner! I only hope you like your package half as much as I love yours (piccies to come when it arrives!). And I totally blame you (and esmerelda) for my new addiction to yarn, crochet, knitting and spinning. :P
In other news...Crazy Aunt Purl wrote a book! This is the girl that has made me say 'y'all' ALL the time (which sounds mighty out of place in Australia), makes me spit out my tea in the mornings when I read her blog and makes me happy by posting ten trillion cat pictures with hilarious captions...I can't WAIT.
Also Mr M has informed me that I say the words 'freaking' and 'eep!' too much on the blog, and that I should let you all (y'aaallllll) know that I am really a big gutter mouth in real life and don't really use these sanitised versions of spee-king. He obviously is never around when the mail comes because there really is a lot of eeping coming out of my mouth. So get freaked Mr M =P
What else?...The next post will be full to the brim of yarn, fiber and spinning pr0n, woot! I took lots of yummy pics today, can't wait to show you...